Hello and welcome to my offer to improve your oral skills of German by online training. Please observe that I do not offer a complete course online, including grammar lessons and writing, following a textbook. Such standard classes face-to-face are designed for companies and their staff.

So, my focus in a virtual training is on speaking fluency and I address students who already have reached a certain level (min. A2+) and need to improve their conversational German, either for private or professional purposes.

The reason is the following: When I worked abroad, e.g. 5 years in Brazil, I realized that my Brazilian students at Goethe-Institute felt a lack of opportunity to practise German with a native speaker. And even my foreign students here in Essen say that they have little chance to speak German, especially when their working language is English in a global company.

So, if you are a student lacking speaking practise, living abroad or in a German speaking country, you might be interested in my offer to talk, get feedback and update your grammar, if necessary.

Speaking German online helps you to …

  • …get confident in day-to-day conversations and smalltalk
  • …improve oral skills for the job, e.g. master presentations and meetings at work
  • …prepare for job interviews
  • …practise the oral part of level exams (Goethe, Telc)
  • … understand cultural differences when communicating in a German speaking environment

Thus, I do not only teach the language but include the aspects of cross-cultural communication. So, if you work with Germans and/or are about to live in Germany, we can also tackle this topic.

Qualification & experience

  • Master of Arts in Adult Education
  • Training as a Teacher of German as a Foreign Language at Goethe-Institute
  • Special Training “Business German“
  • Training as an Executive Coach and Management Trainer
  • Author of a book about cross-cultural management („Internationale Kompetenz“)
  • Licences to act as a Telc-examiner (A1-B2)

As I have been a trainer and coach for more than 20 years now you can benefit from my long professional experience. I have taught a wide range of learners from beginners to advanced, groups at VHS (adult education centres), universities as well as one-to-one and small groups in global companies (e.g. E.ON, Essen).

Language skills

Please note that the standard working language is my mother tongue German, which means you speak German all the time with no translations into English. I want you to avoid the continuous change from German to English or to your mother tongue.

This is called the immersion method and it has proved to be very successful. At the beginning you could feel frustrated at times, because you may be used to classes where your teacher provides explanations in English. But you will discover that this method improves your speaking fluency very soon. Of course, if necessary I can help out with a word or a short explanation in another language, as I speak English, French and Portuguese, too, but this should be the exception.

I’ll be happy to answer your questions: info@keup-training.de


I really enjoyed your German course and will benefit from it for the rest of my life. Your enthousiasm and friendliness made it much easier to learn the language. Thanks a lot for that.


I did enjoy the training and it was indeed valuable to my daily work as I’m now in a position where I can use German more in written and speaking situations.

The teacher was very professional and I learnt quite many important aspects of the language from her. Would definitely recommend.


Danke schön für deine Geduld! Es war eine sehr gute Zeit.


Es gefiel mir, als wir Lernspiele benutzten.